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1783 Treasury Land Warrant for 135 acres 1797 Deed for 40 acres 1833 Philadelphia Directory listing Joseph as a 'Merchant.' 1840 US Census 1850 Census with John Robertson b.1784 living with possible nephew Dr. James and Darthula Robertson 1850 US Census 1857 Joseph summoned to claim inheritance in Dogern
'Official Announcements Newspaper for Waldshut, Säckingen and Jestetten' 1860 US Census 1861 Map showing Emmert (Emert) properties
1863 Civil War Draft Registration for Sidney Hobart 1870 US Census 1870 US Census, Union Co., PA 1871 Letter from John & Mollie Emmert to grandson John Calvin Strahorn 1874 Map of Hancock Twp., Hancock, Illinois 1877 Map of Fairhill, Cecil County, Maryland 1880 US Census 1885 Kansas State Census 1896 McKinley Hobart SOUND MONEY and PROTECTION, a 'jugate' campaign badge 1930 US Census for Fresno, California
1935 - 1936 Philadelphia Directory 1952 letter from George about his part-time employment at Caltech 416 South Vine Street, North Platte, Nebraska A 1903 Thomas B. Jeffery Rambler, the model owned by Edward H. Strahorn A geologist and descendant of Johannes Zentmeyer examines Cave Spring A History of the Lutheran Church Abram Penn Farm Cemetery, Critz, Virginia Addison St. Myer Death Certificate Advertisement in American Building Association News Aerial View of Bernhard's Farm on Airy Hill Rd.
Albert T. Zentmyer Obituary Alfaretta Strahorn and Waldo Scott marriage certificate American University, 1943 Anna Bricker Zentmeyer's Headstone Another image of Carrie Appeal for help from grasshopper plague Arendtsville Stone House Interior Arendtsville Stone House, Exterior Arrival of J. Godlieb Götz aboard the good ship Margaret Arthur and Zoe's house in Albuquerque
Arthur Kellogg Strahorn's Draft Registration Card Arthur Strahorn at the wedding of Gary <i>Arthur</i> Zentmyer and Claudia Robison Arthur Thomas Strahorn - early career Arthur Thomas Strahorn - late career Arthur went fishing Article about lawsuit over William Zentmeyer's death. Article about real estate purchase Article about the Edwin Kerchner murder. Article about William's railroad heroics Article attesting to John's offspring's literary talent 1860
Article describing the fire which claimed the life of Emma Tyson Santmyer Article in the Ackley World Journal Article in the Los Angeles Herald about Frank Strahorn's death Article published upon George Zentmyer's election to the National Academy of Sciences Atlas of Bartholomew Co., Indiana 1879 Barbara Zentmyer Heffner's Headstone Barbara Zentmyre Headstone Barbara's Headstone Barturk Farm near Ochiltree Belfast Newsletter 14 Feb 1799
Belfast Newsletter 1761 Bernhard and Salome's Marriage Record from the Bischwiller Kirchenbücher (Churchbooks) Bernhard's farm in present-day Penryn Bernhard's Headstone Betty Beatrice Lowman Betty Beatrice Lowman Robison Birth Certificate Birth Certificate for Ruth Wandyne De Cillo
Birth Record Birth Record for Bethia Strathern Birth Record for Christopher in Bischwiller Kirchenbücher (Churchbooks) Birth record for Isaac Zentmyer Birth record for Jacob Zentmair in Vincenzenbronn, Bavaria, Germany Birth Record for Jean Strehorn Birth Record for Johann Bernhard Zentmeyer b.1740 in Bischwiller Kirchenbücher (Churchbooks) Birth Record for Margaret A. Clark Birth Record for Maria Magdalena Zentmeyer in Bischwiller Kirchenbücher  (Churchbooks) Birth Record for Robert Straehorn
Birth Record for Robert Strathorn Bischwiller Street Scene Burials on Find-A-Grave Campaign Poster for William McKinley and Garret Hobart, 1896 Carleton L. Santmier Caroline Sigafoos Caroline Sigafoos Limbocker Carrie Adell Strahorn Carrie's inscription to Mrs. Underwood 28 Jul 1914 at Old Faithful Inn Catherine Heidenrich Strahorn Headstone
Catherine Stutenroth Headstone Cemetery View Certificate of Death - 1923 Certificate of Death, 1888 Certificate of Marriage Charle Elmore Cosby 'died at sea' Christopher in the 1800 US Census Christopher in the 1810 US Census Christopher in the 1820 US Census Christopher in the 1830 US Census

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