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Matches 301 to 350 of 879

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301 Birth and death dates are per his headstone, alternate birth dates have been seen. ZENTMYER, David S. (I87166)
302 Birth and death dates per Jerry Coffman ZENTMYER, Lillie (I3085)
303 Birth date calculated form headstone STRAHORN, Walter D. (I1187)
304 Birth date from 1900 US Census
Joseph Marlow was listed as 'Widower' in the 1910 US Census. 
BURCHETT, Ida May (I3201)
305 Birth Record found in Records of Cacusi (Hain's) Reformed Church, Lower Heidelberg Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, Baptisms, 1745-1805 RADEBACH, Daniel (I3546)
306 Birth year in Census was 1818/1819 in 1840, 1850, 1860 census, but 1831 in 1870 and 1880 census. ROBERTSON, Elizabeth (I1788)
307 Birth year on headstone of 1738 does not agree with family group sheet from Germany which shows 1736. RADEBACH, Johann George (I3549)
308 Born Myrta, she chose to be called Myrtle early in life. She was raised by Lester and Susie Williams after her mother's death.

MARLOW, Myrtle Bell (I85944)
309 Born STRAHORN, but at some point changed to STRAHON. STRAHON, Guy Leroy (I405)
310 Both Alverda and John had children from previous marriages. The only child they had together was John. Roger was adopted by his grandmother, Alverda Sanner Santmyer. It is not clear whether Roger was the son of one of Alverda's children to her first marriage or the son of one of John's children to his first marriage. Ref.: Sandy Santmyer (former wife of Roger).

1920 Census Westmoreland Co., PA - East Huntingdon - Jan 5 - pg 5A - ed 96 - 80-85 - Meadow Mile Road
John Santmyer27 - PA - Laborer in Sheet Mill
Laura M24 - PA
Howard 5 - PA
Kenneth C3 8/12 - PA
Elizabeth M2 8/12 - PA
George E6/12 - PA
Elizabeth65 = PA (Mother) 
SANTMYER, John S. (I0969)
311 Both Alverda and John had children from previous marriages. The only child they had together was John. Roger was adopted by his grandmother, Alverda Sanner Santmyer. It is not clear whether Roger was the son of one of Alverda's children to her first marriage or the son of one of John's children to his first marriage. Ref.: Sandy Santmyer (former wife of Roger).  KROPP, Alverda (I1133)
312 Brought to the United States on 4 Aug 1902, by his Canadian father and Mexican mother

O'CONNOR, August Joseph (I86113)
313 Buys the farm from his mother; Rechnungen, fol. 70 (or 71 or 7x). ZEHENDMEYER, Johannes (I68771)
314 Buys the mill in 1644. The current building was constructed in 1607, however the mill itself existed since about 1500. PREUSS, Johann (I70481)
315 Cambridge University
Puritan Pastor

"The exact date at which any individual came here to reside cannot be ascertained. Among the papers of Mr. Cushing, there is a 'list of the names of such persons as came out of the town of Hingham, and towns adjacent, in the County of Norfolk, in the Kingdom of England, into New England, and settled in Hingham.' From this list we are led to believe there were inhabitants here as early as 1633, and among them Ralph Smith, Nicholas Jacob with his family, Thomas Lincoln, weaver, Edmund Hobart and his wife, from Hingham, and Thomas Hobart with his family, from Windham, in Norfolk, England. During the same year Theophilus Cushing, Edmund Hobart, senior, Joshua Hobart, and Henry Gibbs, all of Hingham, England, came to this country. Cushing lived some years at Mr. Haines's farm, and subsequently removed to Hingham. The others settled at Charlestown, and in 1635 removed to this place. In 1634 there were other settlers here, and among them Thomas Chubbuck; Bare Cove was assessed in that year. To 1635, at the May court, Joseph Andrews was sworn as constable of the place. There was a considerable increase of the number of Settlers, and in that year grants of land were made to upwards of fifty individuals, of which a record is preserved. It was in June of that year that Rev. Peter Hobart arrived at Charlestown, and soon after settled in this place." - from History of Hingham published 1893, pages 201-209 (Thomas Lincoln's younger brother Samuel Lincoln, also a weaver, who came to Hingham in 1737, was the ancestor of President Abraham Lincoln -Ed)

HOBART, Reverend Peter (I85811)
316 Carlos Enrique De Cillo was born Charles Elmore Cosby, in South English, Keokuk, Iowa on 22 Feb 1859, married Margaret Rebecca Reynolds 1 Mar 1880 and had two children with her, and then "died at sea" in 1900, according to his grandson Richard Sheridan Cosby, writing in 1947. If that story was told to his family, Cosby likely faked his own death. Then as Carlos Enrique De Cillo, he married Cora Nayan Hobart, then Tina Champion, and then remarried his first wife Margaret, or perhaps they never divorced.

Ruth 'Chita' O'Connor wrote in June 1976 in the Orange County Genealogical Society Quarterly that her father was "Charles Elmore Cosby (changed to Charles E. De Cillo ca. 1901)," and her California Death Certificate from 1996 reads, "Mother's Maiden Name: Decillo, Father's Surname: Cosby." 
HOBART, Cora Nayan (I85814)
317 Carlos Enrique De Cillo was born Charles Elmore Cosby, in South English, Keokuk, Iowa on 22 Feb 1859, married Margaret Rebecca Reynolds 1 Mar 1880 and had two children with her, and then "died at sea" in 1900, according to his grandson Richard Sheridan Cosby, writing in 1947. Then as Carlos Enrique De Cillo, he married Cora Nayan Hobart, and subsequently Tina Champion, and then apparently remarried his first wife Margaret Reynolds.

Ruth 'Chita' (DeCillo) O'Connor, daughter of Carlos DeCillo and Cora Nayan Hobart, wrote in June 1976 in the Orange County Genealogical Society Quarterly that her father was "Charles Elmore Cosby (changed to Charles E. De Cillo ca 1901)," and her California Death Certificate from 1996 reads, "Mother's Maiden Name: Decillo, Father's Surname: Cosby."

DE CILLO, Carlos Enrique (I86110)
318 Catherine Ann Zentmyer and her lover, W.B. Siebert poisened her husband Edwin Kelcher with arsenic, because he was an inconvenience. ZENTMYER, Catherine Ann (I587)
319 Catherine is buried in Naperville Cemetery, where her headstone reads "Catherine Feldman." Clearly Catherine, who lived another 35 years after Benjamin's death, remarried. STUTENROTH, Catherine A. (I1821)
320 Catherine was Paul's fourth wife. Family F1159
321 Cause of death: hepatic cirrhosis BRUTSCH…, Col. John David (I7)
322 Charles Adolphe Baldwin was born in 1861 in San Francisco, California. He graduated from Harvard in 1882. He was an art collector, collecting etchings, paintings, enamels and bronzes. He belonged to the Knickerbocker Club; Groiler Club; Society of the Cincinnati; Sons of the American Revolution and was a member of the Christian Science church. Charles died of a stroke at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs in 1934. Charles' father was Admiral Charles Henry Baldwin (1822-1888), a Mexican and Civil War Veteran, and his mother was Pamelia Tolfree. BALDWIN, Charles Adolphe (I3154)
323 Charles and Virginia Baldwin constructed the Claremont, a mansion in Colorado Springs, in 1907, seven years after their initial move to Colorado Springs. The construction was influenced by Louis XIV's Grand Trianon at Versailles and is therefore sometimes referred to as 'Trianon.' The architect, Thomas MacLaren, traveled abroad to study the original before constructing the residence. Mrs. Baldwin sold the mansion to Blevins Davis from Independence, Missouri. Mr. Davis then sold the Trianon to the Sisters of St. Francis Seraph, who later sold it to the Trianon Foundation in 1960. Eventually the building became the Colorado Springs School. Family F1192
324 Charles Morris came to Boston in 1676, and lived in the Roxbury section of Boston.

MORRIS, Charles (I3178)
325 Charles Morris was a surveyor, and under the direction of Governor William Shirley of Massachusetts he surveyed Nova Scotia in 1745 with a view toward British colonization. His survey was sent to the Board of Trade and Plantations in England. A copy of it is preserved in Halifax. In 1749, in conjunction with the military engineer John Bruce, he laid out the town of Halifax. In 1755 he was appointed to the Governor's Council. He was the first Surveyor General of the province and was also Chief Justice of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. His funerary hatchment is on the wall of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Halifax. He was married to Mary Read, the daughter of John Read, the Attorney General of Massachusetts. MORRIS, Charles (I85736)
326 Charles was named for Charles Hannah who was the second husband of Sallie Reed Shaw. Sallie was the widow of Franklin Shaw, brother of Helen Marr Shaw Santmyer.

Ref. Family records and papers located in the family Bible 
SANTMYER, Charles Albert (I0021)
327 Charlotte Marie Fichtel, 89, of Aurora passed away Sunday, January 3, 2010 at Provena Mercy Medical Center. She was born January 24, 1920 in Aurora, Illinois. Charlotte was a lifelong area resident. She was employed from 1974 until 1978 as a housekeeper at Jennings Terrace and then at Furnace Electric in Batavia until her retirement in 1988. She enjoyed traveling and making crafts. She was a member of the Jennings Terrace Auxiliary, the Fox Valley Genealogy Society, and the Women of the Moose chapter 83, holding all degrees. She was a district deputy of the Royal Neighbors of America and worked thirteen years in the field. She was also a member of Rebekka Lodge, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Burlington Veterans Association, the Friendly Center and the past treasurer of the St. Mary Alter and Rosary Society. She is survived by her two sons, Gerald (Leslie) Fichtel of Oregon and Michael Robert Fichtel of Aurora, a granddaughter, Jessica Anne Fichtel of Oregon. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ralph John Fichtel; her parents, Harrison Henry and Vera Alice (Ernst) Blank; a grandson, Gerald James Fichtel, Jr. BLANK, Charlotte Marie (I3137)
328 Cherokee Sentinel on the Border, Feb. 17, 1888, page 3:
Zentmire--In Cherokee, Kansas, February 12th, 1888, Florence Idell, twin daughter of David and Emma Zentmire, aged 1 year and 6 days.

The little one was sick but ten or eleven days. The funeral services were held in the Presbyterian church, Feb'y 13th, Rev. Wright officiating. A very large number of friends were present.
ZENTMIRE, Florence Idell (I1424)
329 Cherokee Sentinel,
Friday, Oct. 7, 1921, page 1:

Funeral of Clara Zentmire
Ben Zentmire arrived here Friday afternoon at 3:30 with the body of his sister, Miss Clara, who died at Long Beach, Calif, September 21st. Claud and wife were down from Fort Scott and the sister, Mrs. Flora Lynch was here from El Paso, Texas. Funeral services were conducted at (unreadable) o'clock at the Presbyterian church by Rev. E.L. Torrence and she was laid to rest beside her father and mother in the Cherokee cemetery.
Clara Elizabeth Zentmire was born in Cherokee September 27, 1879. She graduated from our schools in 1894, which at that time included the high school. She then taught in our city schools for several years, going to Texas where she taught three years. In 1917 she went to Arizona where she continued her work as a teacher. Last year she was a member of the faculty of the Northern Arizona Normal School at Flagstaff. While teaching in a summer session at that place she was taken sick and went to the hospital at Lordsburg, New Mexico. Later she went to Long Beach, California where she died September 21, 1921.
She leaves two brothers, Claud of Fort Scott, and Ben of Lordsburg, N.M. and one sister, Mrs. Flora Lynch of El Paso, Texas, besides numerour other relatives. She was a consistent Christian, having been a member of the Presbyterian church for many years.
We have been acquainted with the Zentmire family all our lives and know Miss Clara to be a fine woman who devoted her life to the profession of teaching. She took a great interest in it, and at all times was looking for the opportunity of making herself more proficient in her chosen line. It was not known even by her own folks that she was in such bad health as it afterwards proved to be in. She wrote one of her happy sunshine letters to the Sentinel after she got to Long Beach telling us the news of the Cherokee colony, and we did not even think of her being in such poor health.
We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the brothers and sister. It seems to us as though they were closer together than most children because their parents had been dead so long, and Clara being to older was looked to for advice and sympathy.
Contributed by Cheryl White 
ZENTMIRE, Clara E. (I1423)
330 Cherokee Sentinel, Sept. 4, 1903, page 1:
A Sudden Death
On Monday morning word was passed around that David Zentmire, one of our most respected citizens, who has lived among us for twenty-five years, had passed away on Sunday night at about ten o'clock. Knowing that he had been on the streets on Sunday evening when he went to consult with Dr. Smith about his wife who was down sick, many could hardly believe it true, but later information proved the rumor correct. He had gone home, ate his supper, and laid down on the couch. His daughter, Clara, later suggested that he retire, and she would care for the mother. he acted on her suggestion but after he laid down his wife noticed he breathed very hard and irregularly. She spoke to him and got no answer, and when she turned his head to the light she saw that he was dying. The daughter was called and she in turn called the neighbors. The doctor was called but he got there in time to only se him breathe his last. He had been active and cheerful all day and had not complained in the least.

A universal sigh of sympathy and regret was evidenced by the entire community as the news spread. Mr. Zentmire had, for all these years, been prominent in business circles, and everybody, both young and old, got a pleasant word from him whenever they met him. It seemed that he was a friend to everybody and that everybody was his friend.

He was born in Warren county, Ohio, September 27, 1840, hence he was nearly 63 years old. About the beginning of the war he went to Mason County, Illinois and enlisted soon after in Company K 85 Illinois Infantry, and served until the end of the war.

February 3, 1875, he was married to Miss Emma Carl, and they moved at once to Cherokee and built the house in which he died. His wife and four children survive him.

He had been a Mason ever since he was a young man, and was a prominent member of the G.A.R. under whose auspices he was buried. For several years he has been with the Cherokee Commercial Company.

Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday morning and nearly the whole town and surrounding community were present, the business houses being closed form ten to one o'clock. The services were held by Rev. W.T. Freeland, after which his comrades silently marched to the cemetery and laid him to rest.

Added by Cheryl White  
ZENTMIRE, David (I2882)
331 Chiropractor ZENTMYER, Dr. Byers Leon (I741)
332 Christopher's birth year is noted in some family papers as 1832, but this is unlikely, as his mother would have been 52 years old. SANTMYER, Christopher (I1668)
333 Church Administrator in Burk BRUNMEIR, Johann Christoph (I3453)
334 Civil War Veteran STRAHAN, Robert V. (I86240)
335 Claimed to have been born in New York in the 1810 and 1820 Census ZENTMEYER, Lawrence R. (I586)
336 Clarence Charles Hobart (1854-1932) was the founder of the three Troy companies that bear his name: Hobart Electric Manufacturing Company (now P.M.I.), Hobart Brothers Company (now I.T.W.) and Hobart Cabinet Company. He was an engineering and industrial pioneer whose companies have provided products around the world and whose creative entrepreneurial genius inspired numerous engineers. The Hobart companies continue to be major employers in the region. Close ties with Wright Patterson Air Force Base have given these companies a major strategic importance in war and peace and allowed them to become leaders in patented technology for the product areas they encompass: welding technology and products; ground power; and kitchen, restaurant and food equipment. The C.C. Hobart Foundation continues to be an area benefactor in community activities. Dayton Walk of Fame HOBART, Clarence Charles (I3175)
337 Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley: Comprising the Counties of Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata and Perry, Pennsylvania, Containing Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens and Many of the Early Settlers. Chambersburg, Pa.: J. M. Runk & Co., 1897, pages 118-119.

ROBERT A. ZENTMYER, Spruce Creek, Huntingdon county, Pa., was born at Huntingdon Furnace, April 24, 1861. He is the son of David and Susan (Kinch) Zentmyer.

David Zentmyer was born at Springfield Furnace, Blair county. His parents moved to a farm near Spruce Creek, in Huntingdon county, where he worked with his father, who was a jobber in lumbering. In May, 1861, he enlisted in Company I, Fifth Pennsylvania Reserves. This company, known as the Scott Infantry, was one of the old militia companies, organized before the war. They were mustered into service at Harrisburg and sent to the front in July, 1861. He enlisted as orderly sergeant, became second, then first lieutenant, and on the promotion of Captain Dare to colonel of the regiment, commanded the company for some time. At the time of his death he was adjutant of the regiment, with the rank of first lieutenant. He was in active service for eighteen months and took part in many battles. He was killed in the battle of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862, and buried on the field. Mr. Zentmyer's widow is living in Franklinville.

Robert A. Zentmyer was an only child. His boyhood was spent on the farm; he attended the public school, and when he was eighteen entered Juniata College; graduating in the teacher's and business course in 1882. For five years he was principal of the public schools of Curwensville and New Washington. In 1887 he became assistant superintendent of the Britton Coal and Coke Company of Philadelphia, in West Virginia, which position he held for a year and a half. Returning to Clearfield county, he located at Madera, and for four years was employed in surveying, mining engineering, and as a coal contractor. In 1893 he went to Huntingdon Furnace, as book-keeper and assistant manager of the Huntingdon Furnace estate. This position he held for a year and then took charge of a grist mill belonging to the estate. Mr. Zentmyer's politics are Republican. For thirteen years he has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and takes a prominent part in all church work.

ZENTMYER, Robert Anderson (I2893)
338 CREWITT--T.B. Crewitt, a member of the bar of Colfax county, died at Denver, Friday, August 24th, of consumption. Mr. Crewitt was about 32 years of age. He was buried at Schuyler last Sunday. CREWITT, Thomas Beaver (I2523)
339 Dallas Morning News
Nov 28, 1968
Sec. 2. pg 13

Brutsche--- Denison, TX
Mrs. May Brutsche, formerly of Denison, died Friday morning at Brownsville. The body arrived here Saturday and funeral services will be held Sunday at St. Luke's Episcopal Church. Mrs. Brutsche, the former May Legate, was a teacher in the public schools of Denison until her marriage. She was a charter member of St. Lukes Episcopal Church and of the XXI Club. Surviving are one son, Sidney Brutsche of Brownsville and three daughters, Mrs. John Gregg and Mrs. James Brown of Brownsville and Mrs. Frank Hobart of Los Angeles.  
LEGATE, May Augusta (I85652)
340 Dancer and Lodger in 1940 US Census in New York, education High School, 2nd year RICH, Lucille (I3871)
341 Daniel and Susan lived in Riverton, VA, just outside Front Royal, Shenandoah Co. He and three of his sons were in the Civil War. Daniel served in the Cavalry as he owned a horse; his sons served in the Infantry. After the War, he, Susan and the younger children moved to Barton, MD. He was listed as a cabinet maker in the census. Samuel's first wife, Caroline, died in childbirth in 1883; Daniel and Susan moved back to Riverton to help care for Samuel's three children. Daniel went to work for the Warren Manufacturing Company in Riverton where Samuel also worked.

Ref: Information contributed by Gerilee Santmyers

........The birth date of Daniel, even though before the marriage date of his parents, is recorded as received from G. Santmyers.
.......Some researchers show 24 April 1838 as marriage date.
.......Izetta Barbour lists Daniel's date of death as 23 July 1883

Hugh & Marian Zonger ......gendex@ourancestry.com
Kerry K. Keener <>

1870 Census Warren Co., VA - Opequon Twp - July 7 - pg 31-32 - 228-234
Daniel Santmyers 55 - VA - Farmer
Susan 53 - VA
Henry C 18 - VA - Farm hand
George W 16 - VA
James L 14 - VA
Barto B L 8 - VA
Martha A 22 - VA
Susan J 19 - VA
Daniel P 12 - VA 
SANTMYERS, Daniel Melvin (I0122)
342 Daniel is buried is buried in the Old Frederick Cemetery here in Warren Co. Va. It is located near the Waterlick area today. You can read the info on Daniel?s headstone that says he died in 1897 at 77 years old. There is a slight problem there as that reporting of his age would have him being born four years after his father died.

His wife Amelia, as shown on the marriage bond, also know as Millie, Milla, and Mildred Ann, misrepresented his age on every census until he was at home at the time the 1880 census was taken where he stated he was 68. She also changed her age on every census.

Daniel was most probably born in 1812-1813. If he was born later than that date he would have been drafted in the Confederate Army in 1864 when the draft age was 50. He was not listed in the Home Guard as a person too old to serve but still be required to fight if needed.

Ron Santmyers
SANTMYERS, Daniel (I0779)
343 Daniel was a blacksmith. KINCH, Daniel (I3416)
344 Daniel Wells Sr. was born on May 16, 1744 in Colchester, New London County, Connecticut. He was one of 9 children born to Jonathan Wells and Abigail Dickinson. Jonathan was born on 13 Apr 1718 in Colchester, New London County, Connecticut and Abigail was born on Jan. 12, 1715 in Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Rachel Nims was born on Feb. 5, 1749 in Greenfield, Franklin County,
Massachusetts. Daniel married Rachel in 1774 in Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts.

They had 10 children:(unverified)

Polly Wells b. 1765, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, d. 1771, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
Daniel Wells b. 1765, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, d. 1771, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
Joel Wells Sr. b. 1 Aug 1775, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, d. 3 Sep 1838, Hampton, Rock Island, Illinois
Rinnah Wells Sr. b. 22 Jul 1777, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, d. 30 Apr 1851, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois
Asenath Wells b. 1779, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, d. 7 Mar 1846, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois
Ira Wells b. 12 Sep 1781, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, d. 20 May 1855, Hampton, Rock Island, Illinois
Daniel Wells Jr. b. 1 Aug 1775, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, d. 3 Sep 1838, Hampton, Rock Island, Illinois
Mary "Polly" Wells b. 1784, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, d. 10 July 1840, Hampton, Rock Island, Illinois
Rachel Wells b. 1785, Athens, Windham, Vermont, d. 1820, Athens, Windham, Vermont
Elihu Wells b. 7 Sep 1789, Guilford, Windham, Vermont, d. 28 Sep 1836, Geneseo, Henry, Illinois
WELLS, Col. Daniel Sr. (I3845)
345 Daniel Zentmyer, a well known farmer of near Kauffmans station, died at his home, Wednesday evening, after an illness of a week from pneumonia. He was aged 77 years, 3 months and 22 days. Mr Zentmyer was born near Quincy, on the farm now owned by H. A. Good. He was reared on the farm. Afterward he engaged in wagoning and for six years drove a large Conestoga wagon between Greencastle and Waynesboro and Baltimore. He used six and eight horses in his teams and his descriptions of his trips and his experiences as a wagonner were very interesting. Retiring from this business he again engaged in farming and 23 years ago moved to the place which he occupied uninterruptedly until his death. Mr Zentmyer was a man of much force of character, of wide knowledge and highly esteemed by those who knew him. In politics he was an unswerving Democrat but never aspired to an office. He was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. He was the last of a family of twelve children. He is survived by his widow and these children; Daniel B, Nebraska, David, Altenwald; John at home; Mrs George Unger, Upton; Calvin, Hamilton Avenue, Waynesboro; and J Burns, Hotel Werner, a paternmaker in the Landis Tool Co's shop. Funeral Saturday, meet at house at 10 o'clock. Service and interment at German Baptist Brethren church at Brown's Mills. ZENTMYER, Daniel (I87155)
346 Dates and pictures contributed by Hunter "Sonny" Vaught ZENTMYER/SANTMYERS, George (I1667)
347 Dates per headstone ZENTMEYER, Catherine (I1655)
348 Daughter born 5 October 1895 in Shenandoah Co., VA --Source: SHENANDOAH COUNTY, VIRGINIA BIRTHS, 1891-96, pg 384 (the name of the child is not legible) - lists parents as W.A. and Jennie RACEY, Jennie May (I0498)
349 Daughter of a prominent Illinois physician and surgeon, Carrie accompanied her husband Robert E. Strahorn during decades of exploration and railroad-building in the western states. She authored a book published in 1911 entitled "Fifteen Thousand Miles by Stage" which was illustrated by the noted artist Charles Russell and is still in re-print. She is buried in a granite and marble mausoleum in Spokane alongside her husband Robert and Robert's second wife Ruby Garland.  GREEN, Carrie Adell (I85885)
350 Daughter of innkeeper in Haundorf, which is how Michael became innkeeper HEYNER, Maria Barbara (I86204)

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