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751 The Unterschlauersbach purchase protocol gives his place of origin as "Pfaffenhofen auß Bayern" (Pfaffenhofen in Bavaria) ZEHNTMEYER, Simon (I67769)
752 Thelma H. Zentmyer, age 92, of Upper Arlington, died Saturday, July 12, 1997 at First Community Village.

She was a Council Member of the First Community Village; Member of Community Chapter #488 Order of the Eastern Star; Areme Club #11 Group 1, Ladies Oriental Shrine, Thea Court No. 5, and Northwester Women's Club.

She was preceded in death by her husband William S. Zentmyer. Survived by dear friends and loved ones.

The Columbus Dispatch, July 14, 1997 
HODAPP, Thelma H. (I732)
753 There is a Bernhard Nicholas Santmyer b.1735 listed in FamilySearch IGI and elsewhere as the father of Jacob and George, which we believe to be an unfortunate synthesis by a well-intentioned compiler of our Bernhard and another actual immigrant, Nicholas Sandmeier, who arrived on 9 Oct 1775 on the good ship King of Prussia. I have convinced FamilySearch to quarantine this record, although no one can remove it entirely except for its contributor, who will not respond to us. This bogus record also lists the surname of Bernhard's first wife as 'Luther,' for which we have found no evidence, see Catharina LNU, but this unsourced 'Luther' record has generated records 60+ trees on Ancestry.com. ZENTMEYER, Johann Bernhard (I0050)
754 There is a great possibility that Helen's family relocated to Morgantown, VA (now WV) shortly after Helen's birth. Her father, William Burns Shaw, enlisted in the Union Army at New Creek, VA (now Keyser, WV) and joined for duty on 23 September 1861 in Morgantown. They probably stayed with Helen's uncle - her mother's brother, Andrew Jackson Koontz, who lived in Morgantown with his family. By late 1862, the family was back in Barton/Moscow, MD. The Civil War must have had a tremendous effect on Helen, for even though she was very young (she was only four when the war ended in 1865), she had vivid memories of a Confederate raid on the town. The soldiers ransacked and burned all the businesses, except the general store (which her father ran) and this was because it had bars on the windows and they mistook it for a jail. While the buildings were burning, the soldiers rode through the town with bolts of material that were unrolled and flowing like a long flag behind them. Helen was raised a prim and proper young lady. The family had at least one slave, Mary Perry, who helped raise the children. Helen dearly loved her; Mary was more like a member of the family, than a slave. At the end of the Civil War, she chose to remain with the Shaw family. Even though, Helen came from a well-to-do family and had a lot of advantages, there was a certain amount of sadness during her growing up years. Helen was the fourth child, but her two older brothers were buried even before her birth. Then her younger brother, Millered Stewart, not quite two, died in 1867. Less than a year after her marriage, her father died. Her brother Oscar K. died in 1884 and her little sister, Minnie, in 1886, followed by her mother a few months later. By the time Helen was 26, she had lost her entire family, except for her older sister, Fannie Susan.
Helen married at 17 to James J. Santmyer, who was employed as a coal miner, and most likely worked in the Shaw Mines. In 1882, her mother, along with Oscar and Mary (Minnie), moved to Keyser, WV. Her brother, Franklin, was managing a hotel in Keyser, and they possibly went to live with him or near him. It is also possible that Helen and James moved to Keyser around that time - however by 1884 they were in MT. Pleasant, PA. Even though the move to PA put many miles between Helen and her family and relatives, she always kept close ties to them. Helen frequently traveled the great distance by train to join her relatives for weddings, funerals or other special occasions. In her later years, Helen joined the Christian Scientist religion. In 1927 she came down with pneumonia - following the beliefs of her religion, she refused medical treatment. Helen died from the pneumonia. The Wm. I. Stewart Funeral Home in Swissvale, PA handled all the arrangements; she was buried in MT. Washington Cemetery in Perryopolis, PA.

Ref: Family records and papers located in the family Bible
Interviews with Fanny Ethel Santmyer Rowley
Death Cert. 10919 File No. 58700
NATIONAL ARCHIVES - pension records for service of her father in the Civil War
MARRIAGE APPLICATION - on file in Allegany Co., MD
Baptismal Cert. - Star Junction Baptist Church 
SHAW, Helen Marr (I0014)
755 There is a Hawbecker Cemetery in Upton, Franklin Co., PA which would be a likely spot to look for burials of this family. HAWBECKER, David (I1985)
756 There is much additional material about Bernhard on the York Co. page.

ZENTMEYER, Johann Bernhard (I0050)
757 There is much additional material related to Christopher on the York Co. and Franklin Co. pages on this web site.

ZENTMEYER, Johann Christopher (I1628)
758 This Eliza 'Saintmyers' (per the marriage record) is presumed to be the daughter of John and Catherine for the following reasons: 1) The Census Records for both 1810 and 1820 reflect a heretofore unidentified daughter, born to them before 1810; 2) The 1860 census has Eliza born c.1818, the 1870 census has her born c.1817; the 1880 census has her born c.1806, and her headstone has her born 1811-12; and 3) Frederick County, where she married and was buried, was a stone's throw away from Browntown, in (then) Shenandoah Co., where John and Catherine long resided. Apart from the (not uncommon) multiple birth-year indications, here are no facts known to us which conflict with this conclusion, and no other families which could even remotely be considered to be her family of origin.  SAINTMYERS, Eliza (I3025)
759 This is actually the date of the marriage bond. To date (1998) any marriage record has not been located. Family F042
760 Thomas Benton Limbocker was born December 22, 1843 in Columbus Junction, Louisa County, Iowa, the son of Uriah and Janette (Kirk) Limbocker. He enlisted in the 5th Iowa Infantry, in July of 1861 at age 17. (The official Roster and Records of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion gives his age as 21 at the time of enlistment on 1 July 1861.)

Thomas was joined in the Regiment by half-brother of Sherman Kirk, and cousin Jeremiah (Jerry) M. Limbocker who also enlisted in the Fifth Iowa.

On 1 January of 1864, Thomas reenlisted in Larkinsville, AL with other soldiers from the 5th Iowa Infantry to form Company G, of the 5th Iowa Cavalry. He served with the 5th Iowa Cavalry for the remained of the war as part of Major General James H. Wilson's Cavalry Corps.

In 1867 Thomas and his wife of one year, Caroline (Sigafoos) Limbocker, along with his half-brother Sherman and his wife Lucinda, journeyed to Kansas to homestead in Neosho County.

Thomas and his family remained in Erie, Neosho Co. throughout his life, farming and raising their many children.

Thomas died on April 20th, 1908 from injuries he sustained while trying to stop a runaway horse team and wagon outside his feed lot. 
LIMBOCKER, Thomas Benton (I537)
761 Thomas Marlow was deeded 400 acres in Rowan County in 1779, and 200 acres in Rutherford County the same year. MARLOW, Thomas (I3254)
762 Thomas, his second wife Rebecca Jane, and their son Frank Kellog Strahorn are all buried in the same plot in Rosedale Cemetery, just west of downtown Los Angeles. I suspect the headstone was installed by his son Robert Edmund Strahorn after he became wealthy, since Thomas was a man of little means. A much more modest stone can be seen in front of the larger one, which reads, "T.F.S. Husband." No headstone is in evidence for Rebecca Jane, but she was not Robert's mother.

KELLOGG, Rebecca Jane (I86058)
763 Thomas, his second wife Rebecca Jane, and their son Frank Kellog Strahorn are all buried in the same plot in Rosedale Cemetery, just west of downtown Los Angeles. I suspect the headstone was installed by his son Robert Edmund Strahorn after he became wealthy, since Thomas was a man of modest means. A much more modest stone can be seen in front of the larger one, which reads, "T.F.S. Husband." No headstone is in evidence for Frank.

STRAHORN, Frank Kellogg (I86060)
764 Time Line:
1863 baptized in Lancaster County
1783 was granted Treasury Land Warrant for 135 acres in Montgomery County near present-day Floyd, on Oldfield Creek near Franklin Pike
1789 married Barbary Windle in the Shenandoah Valley
1792 daughter Elizabeth born
1797 bought 40 acres from Jacob Miller in Montgomery County, Virginia, on Mudlick Creek near the present corner of McVitty Rd. and Old Cave Spring Rd., Cave Spring, Virginia.
1799 son Daniel born
1800 moved from Cave Spring to Montgomery County near present-day Floyd
1801 daughter Catherine born
1802 son David born
1805 daughter Rebecca born
1806 listed a Sponsor for baptism of Jacob Marchel and Sarah Krank
1808 listed as Sponsor for baptism of Lydia Marchel
1808 purchased 153 acres on south fork of Little River
1809 listed as an Officer of Little River Church, predecessor to Zion Lutheran
1809 unnamed daughter born who succumbed after one year
1810 US Census in Christiansburg, Montgomery County as John Zentmeyer
1812 135 acre Land Warrant property surveyed
1815 purchased 18 acres on Oldfield Creek from David Howell
1816 listed as Sponsor in baptism of Benjamin Herman
1817 listed as Sponsor in baptism of John Williams
1818 Cave Spring land was sold to John Hartman
1820 US Census in Christiansburg, Montgomery County as John Zentmin
1830 US Census in (La) Fayette, Montgomery County as John Zentmine
1840 US Census in Floyd County as John Zeatriger (Floyd County was formed from Montgomery County in 1831)
ZENTMEYER, Johannes (I1644)
765 University of Colorado Boulder Class of 1971, BA Economics
Stanford MBA 
ZENTMYER, David Taylor Jr. (I2264)
766 University of Colorado Boulder class of 1971, BA Mathematics, Phi Beta Kappa POWER, Leslie Carol (I3354)
767 Vinda lived for some 31 years after the death of her husband George Bright Zentmyer, and she had some sort of relationship with Charley Reed who was 24 years her junior; he was the informant on her Death Certificate, she reported her last name as Reed in the 1940 Census, Reed was the name on her headstone, and she is buried in the Reed Family Cemetery. ACKERS, Vinda Susan (I1892)
768 Vinton died at the home of his daughter Clara ZENTMEYER, Vinton James (I1385)
769 Wagon maker by trade. ZENTMYER, Daniel Peter (I2127)
770 Walter, apparently, was not a very nice person. According to his descendants he even refused to celebrate Thanksgiving and other holidays. After he and Catherine divorced, his son Walter, never spoke to or about him again.

Ref. Information contributed by Izetta Barbour (her source was Colleen Zak, great granddaughter of Walter) 
SANTMYER, Walter H. Sr (I0455)
771 Was an ironworker and motorcycle rider. ZENTMYER, William G. (I1545)
772 Was the Senior Vice President of Lands' End Corporate Sales until 2001. ZENTMYER, David Taylor Jr. (I2264)
FEBRUARY 17, 2004

On February 15, 2004 of Centreville, VA. Beloved husband of Mildred I. Santmyer; father of the late Russell Santmyer Jr. Survived by children, Linda Unger, Della Gardner, Vincent and Gary Santmyer; brother, Wheeler B. Santmyer. Also survived by 15 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren; dear and devoted fiancee, Ann Wampler, his angel who cared for him with tireless devotion, also survives him. the family will receive friends Thursday, February 19, 2004, 10 a.m. until service time at 11 a.m. at National Funeral Home, 7482 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA. Interment will follow at National Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Northern VA.
SANTMYER, Russell S. (I1151)
774 We do not have a surname for Bernhard's wife. She was identified as 'Catharina' both in the birth record for her son Johannes in 1763, and as a baptismal sponsor with Bernhard for Anna Margaretha Geister on 7 Aug 1760. This dates their wedding to around 1760 when Bernhard would have been twenty years old.

The surname 'Luther' has been put forth on the internet for her, with some claiming she was Maria Catharina Luther, born 1734 in Herbitzheim, Bas-Rhin, Alsace. This Maria Catharina Luther did in fact emigrate to Philadelphia, arriving with her parents on 15 Sep 1749 aboard the Phoenix, according to Strassburger-Hinke's Pennsylvania German Pioneers. But according to Annette Burgert's Eighteenth Century Emigrants, this Maria Catharina married Josiah Harper on 10 Sep 1763, only weeks after Johannes Zentmeyer was born, so she was not Bernhard's wife.

Others identify her as Catharina Elisabetha Luther baptized 8 Jan 1744 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. But the Kichenbücher (church records) reveal that this Catharina was married in 1765 in Frankfurt and died there in 1782.

The only place we have found the surname 'Luther' connected to Bernhard other than in Ancestry.com member trees is in the IGI on FamilySearch, where Bernhard is wrongly identified in a member-submitted tree as 'Bernhard Nicholas Santmyer, b. 1735' with a wife whose surname is 'Luther.' We believe this is the source of the 60+ Ancestry.com member trees which identify her as 'Luther.'

It is our suspicion that some Ancestry.com tree-makers took 'Catharina' from our website and combined it with 'Luther' in the IGI record. When you then search 'Catharina Luther,' online, the two individuals above can be found.

Anyone having any original source information for the Catharina's surname - family bibles, hand-written genealogies, anything - please contact me.

Gary Zentmyer  
LNU, Catharina (I1623)
775 We have found no evidence that the union of Garret Hobart and Esther Tuttle produced any offspring. HOBART, Vice President Garret Augustus (I1295)
776 We have inferred this relationship because there were two Abraham Lowmans listed in 1820 US Census in Buffalo, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, whose ages were a generation apart. LOWMAN, Abraham (I1976)
777 We have normalized the surname to Zehntmeyer, but spellings in the records for Simon also include Zehendmeyer, Zehentmeyer, Zehetmeyer, and Zechetmayr.  ZEHNTMEYER, Simon (I67769)
778 We have not found a birth record for this Rudolf Lehman, but he was a co-litigant with Samuel Lehman in the disputes with the town of Muhen over usage rights to the Lottenberg quarry. LEHMAN, Rudolf (I3465)
779 We have only found one record for Margaretha. She is recorded as the wife of Bern. Zeidmayer, as a sponsor for the birth of Joseph Lauman, son of Bernhard's sister Magdelena Lauman on 14 Oct 1781.  Family F700
780 When Delilah was four years old, the weather was cool and she was alone in the house. She gathered some firewood in her apron to put on the fireplace and the apron caught fire and she died from the burns. She told the family she had pulled the water bucket over her, but the bucket was empty. Benjamin left not long after this happened. She is buried near her mother's headstone in an unmarked grave.

Charlotte Gayle Zentmyer Price 
ZENTMYER, Delilah (Delcia) (I3109)
781 When James and Helen married they were both living in Allegany Co., MD. James listed his occupation as a miner on their marriage application which was issued on 20 August 1875. There was no record of the marriage as the minister did not return the license. Helen was listed as a maid of 17 and James as a 21 year old. When they were first married, the couple lived in Keyser, WV. They were probably in Keyser until about 1884. From Keyser, the family moved to MT. Pleasant, PA. It's confusing as to how long they remained in MT. Pleasant. Interview notes show the family in Scottsdale, PA from 1890 to 1895. But, these same notes list Minnie's 1888 birth in Scottsdale, F. Ethel's 1890 birth in Scottsdale and Margaret's 1895 birth in Star Junction, PA. F. Ethel Santmyer Rowley supplied all the above information. However, the copy of Ethel's and Stephen's marriage certificate gives MT. Pleasant as her place of birth. I think she probably remembered her place of birth better at age 21 than at age 85. This would place them in MT. Pleasant until May 1890 and would still allow for the move to Scottsdale in 1890. Margaret's birth in June of 1895 places them in Star Junction and still allows for them to be in Scottsdale in the earlier part of that year. They remained in Star Junction until 1918 when they moved to Homestead, PA. The family lived on a rented farm in Scottsdale. James was working for the B&O Railroad. He was an engineer on the passenger train that ran from Scottsdale to South Bend (an area in Westmoreland Co.). B&O wanted to move the family to South Bend, but before the move transpired there was a train wreck at South Bend. His wife, Helen, then refused to move as she didn't want him to have that dangerous run. James then took a more local run and the family moved to Star Junction. It appears that the family attended the Methodist Episcopal Church during their early years in Star Junction. Somewhere around 1902 they were attending the Baptist Church, Helen was baptized here on 17 December 1905. I had no record of James being baptized, but would have to guess, he was. Around the 1920's they became Christian Scientists - perhaps when they moved to Homestead. James belonged to the Knights of Pythias, Prospect Lodge 507, Star Junction and to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Tygarts Valley Lodge No. 284. Upon moving to Homestead, James operated a grocery and confectionery store at 141 East 16th Avenue from 1918 until January 1922, when he retired. He and Helen then went to live with their daughter Ethel and family in Hayes, PA. He died while visiting at his son Oscar's home in Star Junction. The Ira Blair Funeral Home in Perryopolis handled the funeral arrangements. James was buried in MT Washington Cemetery in Perryopolis, PA.
James was a red head.
Records vary with date and even name for the birth of James:
*Family Bible: James Jacob Santmyer b. 5 November 1854
*Marriage application dated 20 August 1875: James Santmyer age 21
*Death certificate #78827 James J. Santmyer dob 5 November 1854
*Courthouse records in VA, Rockingham Co.:
Birth - James S. Santmyers 14 September 1858
Father Harrison Santmyers - Occupation Blacksmith
Mother Lad Santmyer
Residence Portsmouth Furnace
*Charted Information from Fred M. Chilcott:
James Isreal Santmyer b 5 November 1854
1880 CENSUS WEST VIRGINIA, Vol. 2, Mineral Co.
K023 (Keyser-New Creek area)
Santemier, James - age 24 - RR Fireman - VA - VA - GR
" Helen 21 - Keeps house - MD - MD - MD
" Harry 4 - MD - VA - MD
" Oscar 1 - MD - VA - MD
Neff, David - boarder - 28 - RR Fireman - MD - MD - MD

Santemeyer, James P. age 54 b. MD
" Y Helin age 50 b. WV
" William age 33 b.
" Oscar Y age 31 b. MD
Other children: Mimi, Ethel, Donald and Margaret
For his 53rd birthday a number of his friends presented him with a "magnificent chair". I wonder if this is the same chair that appears in many photos of him in his later years?
Ref: Family records and papers located in the family Bible
Interviews with Fanny Ethel Santmyer Rowley
Death cert. 10935 File No. 78827
Marriage Application from Allegany Co., MD
Newspaper articles 
SANTMYER, James Jacob (I0013)
782 While Frank died at the notorious Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia, it is not known where his remains are buried. A Memorial Stone sits in the Zentmyer family plot in the Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, and lists his date of death as 27 December.

"Maj. Frank Zentmyer, of Huntingdon, wounded and taken prisoner by the rebels at the battle of Fredericksburg, died of his injuries, at Richmond, on the 31st."

Democratic Standard, Hollidaysburg, Pa., Wednesday, January 28, 1863

"Maj. Frank Zentmyer.- The father of Major Zentmyer has received a letter from Richmond informing him of the death of his brave son. The Major lost a leg at Fredericksburg, was taken prisoner and sent to Richmond where he died on the 31st."

The Huntingdon Globe, January 21, 1863. 
ZENTMYER, Major Franklin (I2328)
783 Wife Mary Listed in 1850 Census as 'Mary Reynolds,' but 'Ronald' in John N. Zentmeyer's Will, the assignment of an interest in said Will by E. L Ronald, and transcriptions by two different sources of the headstone in Zion Cemetery for Sarah Ronald, daughter of Wm. A. and Mary Ronald.  RONALD, William A (I1774)
784 Will probated in 1781, named Andrew and Joseph BERRYHILL, Joseph (I2480)
785 William Bradford sailed from England on 6 Sep 1620 on the Mayflower, which arrived in Provincetown Harbor on November 11, 1620. In 1621 he was elected Governor of the Plymouth Colony, a position which he retained off-and-on for the rest of his life. BRADFORD, William (I3505)
786 William Garber was born in Rockingham county, Va., September 28, 1833, and died at 7:45 a. m., October 19, 1926, aged 93 years and 20 days.

In his early youth he moved to Owen county, Ind. In 1854 he was united in marriage to Elizabeth Pettyman, who died a year later. To this union was born one son Henry Garber.

On Nov. 17, 1861, he was united in marriage to Jane Wark and to this union were born six children, Mrs. Emma West, George Garber, Noble Garber, Mrs. Adelina Swanson, Nathan Garber and Mrs. Zora Botts. 21 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildrensurvive him. He was preceded in death by his wife in 1908 and two sons, Henry in 1889 and Noble, who died in 1923.

He served in the Union army during the Civil War. In June 1870 he came with his wife and four small children from Webster county, Iowa settling on a homestead four and one-half miles northwest of Scandia, where he lived for 35 years. In 1905 he moved from the farm to Scandia and lived here continuously until his death. He was the oldest of the early settlers remaining in this community and a pioneer, who shared with the others all the hardships of the pioneer life and assisting in the settlement and development of this community.

Scandia Journal - Thursday Oct 21, 1926
GARBER, William (I3293)
787 William Gates of Thomastown
His Father was John Caleb Gates, a native of Germany who came to USA when he was 18 years old
His Mother Elizabeth Ganley- "Geaurney"
William was born 14 Jun 1829 at Springfield Furance. He was employed at Bald Eagle tannery. If he had lived unti1 January, he would celebrate 61 years of marriage / wife not named /
Nathan H. of Thomastown
John F. of Altoona
W. Porter of Tyrone
9gchildren and 4 ggchildren
He was the youngest and last of a family of 13 children
He served in the Civil War Co E. 88 PA volunteers
He was a member United Brethren for 59 years
he had suffered a stroke of paralysis 22 years ago/ had been home bound the last 2 years
He died 20 Dec 1912
Interment in Grand View cemetery
(obit information from Tyrone Daily Herald) 
GATES, William C. (I2752)
788 William Harrison (Harry) was probably born in Moscow/Barton area of Allegany Co., MD. (There is a slim chance that the family lived in the Keyser, WV area at the time of his birth). Family lore tells that the Santmyer boys were "real hell raisers" and Harry was certainly not one to pass up a good time. Harry supposedly was a well-meaning roustabout who felt obligated to share himself with all the girls. As well as a drinker, it seems that Harry was also a gambler. In fairness to Harry, perhaps with the loss of his young wife and third child, he was "drowning his sorrows" in women, booze and gambling. They lived their life on the wild side, worked hard and died tragic deaths. From the tales I heard, I imagined the Santmyer brothers donned in cowboy boots and hats, and always chewing a wad of tobacco - but the few pictures I've seen, portray them more like refined bankers.

Harry, as he was called, was named for both his grandfathers - Harrison Santmyer and William Burns Shaw.
Marriage: Bk 21, Pg 116, Fayette Co., PA
Santmyer, Wm. H. to Ghrist - 6 Nov. 1861
Santmyer, Wm. H. Age 21 - woman 17
Residence - Star Junction - wife - Vanderbilt
Parents names - James and Helen
Occupation - Hauler
Birthplace - Maryland
Harry possibly married again after Sadie's death; although, his sister, Fanny Ethel Santmyer Rowley, insists this is not the case. There was an entry in the family Bible under "Marriages"....Harry Wm Santmyer (name also appears as Harry Wm. for marriage to Sadie) - Myrtle Renmyer 30 Dec. (no year is listed, but it appears between 1913 and 1921 entries). Additional information, received from his grand-daughter, Anna Mae Waggett Walls, states that Harry never remarried.
NOTE - January 2006 UPDATE: News article found in the 28 December 1917 edition of the Connellsville Daily Courier "Wed in Pittsburg. Harry Santmyer of Star Junction and Myrtle Renko of Manowa were granted a license to wed in Pittsburg Yesterday."
Connellsville Courier....... 10 April 1903
Harry was charged with breaking into a store in Vanderbilt. He had to pay fines and costs, but was fortunate that he got off going to jail.
Connellsville Courier......24 Dec 1904
Harry Santmyer was sent to Huntingdon Reformatory for robbery.

Harry was killed in a terrible railroad accident in which he was pinned by the coupling apparatus between two railway cars. There wasn't much they could do for him, yet he lingered in pain for several hours in the Fairmont, WV hospital. Funeral services were held by the Christian Church in Perryopolis, PA - burial was in MT. Washington Cemetery.
CONNELLSVILLE DAILY COURIER.........19 November 1923

Harry Santmyer, 45 years old formerly of Star Junction, was killed by a railroad train Saturday at Fairmont, W Va. He was the son of James Santmyer, deceased, and a brother Oscar Santmyer of Star Junction. His mother resides in Braddock.

The body was taken to Perryopolis and removed to the funeral parlors of Ira Blair, where it will remain until Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at which time the funeral services will be held at the Christian Church in Perryopolis.


The funeral service for William H. Santmyer, 47 years old who died last Saturday in the Fairmont W Va Hospital as a result of injuries received in a railroad accident at Fairmont last Friday, was held yesterday afternoon at the Christian Church at Perryopolis with Rev. Davis the pastor officiating. Mr Santmyer was a son of the late James J Santmyer and Mrs Helen Santmyer of this city. He is also survived by two children Mrs. Hilda Waggat of Waltersburg and Roy Santmyer of Dearth, three sisters Mrs. George Bowman of this city, Mrs. Stephen Riley of Willock and Mrs Earl Beighley of Pittsburg, two brothers Oscar of Gates and Donald who is in the Marine Service. Two grandchildren also survive. The interment was made in the Mt Washington Cemetery, Perryopolis.

Ref: Family records and papers located in the family Bible
Interviews with Fanny Ethel Santmyer Rowley, James R. Rowley & Anna Mae Walls.
Newspaper Clippings 
SANTMYER, William Harrison (I0015)
789 William S. Zentmyer, age 90, of Upper Arlington, died Wednesday, July 6, 1994 at Arlington Court Nursing Home. Retired Branch Manager with Dow Chemical.

He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Thelma H. Zentmyer. Preceded in death by his brother Edgar Zentmyer and his sisters Marguerite and Lucille Zentmyer.

Charter member of the Triangle Lodge #748 F&AM, Upper Arlington, Scottish Rite Valley of Columbus and Noble of the Mystic Shrine of Aladdin Temple, Columbus, and former member of the Drum Corp of the Shrine.

The Columbus Dispatch, July 8, 1994 
ZENTMYER, William Samuel (I731)
790 William Strahorn and his brother Samuel both married sisters named Cuttler. STRAHORN, William Chapman (I174)
791 Williard must have been an extremely active man. Besides the organizations already mentioned, he was also a member of the Pilgrim Commandry No. 21 Knights Templar, Osiris Temple at Wheeling, the Tygarts Valley Shrine Club, Osiris, Klowns, and the H.W. Daniels Post No. 29 American Legion.

Williard was a graduate of Keyser High School; received lab training at Potomac Valley Hospital, Keyser. He worked for a time as a lab technician at Old City Hospital in Elkins, WV.

DATE OF BIRTH: 08/21/1918
DATE OF DEATH: 06/16/1997
ELKINS, WV 26241
Ref: http://gravelocator.cem.va.gov/j2ee/servlet/NGL_v1 
SANTMYER, Willard Maurice Sr (I1096)
792 Willie Penn was killed in a coal mine explosion. He was an accountant and somehow they talked him into going down to check on a fuse that did not explode. ZENTMEYER, William Penn (I1737)
793 Worked for the Pensylvania Railroad System LOWMAN, Abraham (I86006)
794 Year of birth 1882 in Zentmyer Family Bible, 1900 US Census, and Oregon Death Index, 1883 in Social Security Death Index, 1884 on headstone.  ZENTMYER, Nona (I2342)
795 Zentmyer, Richard 85 of Charlotte, died Saturday, August 9, 2003 at his residence. Mr. Zentmyer was born June 5, 1918 in Sylvan Center, Michigan, the son of Cyrus H. and Vergie (Stuver) Zentmyer. He owned an appliance repair business until he retired. He served his country during World War II in the 8th Army Infantry Division and was a life member of the VFW Maple City Post #2406 in Charlotte. He married Reatha I. Satterlee December 22, 1946 and she survives him. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Lavonne in 1994. Funeral services will be 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at Pray Funeral Home in Charlotte, with Mr. George Howe officiating. Interment will be in West Carmel Cemetery. Visitation will be 7-9 p.m. Sunday and 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. Monday. If desired, memorial contributions may be made to Eaton Community Hospice.  ZENTMYER, Richard (I2799)

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