Why can't I view the web site on my iPad or phone?

As of April 2015, the site is available on all mobile devices.


Why don't you add the ancestors and descendants of people who married Zentmeyers?

Because that would be beyond the mission of this web site, which is to try and identify all of the surname-bearing descendants (and their spouses and issue) of the immigrant ancestor, Johann Bernhard Zentmeyer.  This task is far from complete, and I cannot spend time on matters not central to the mission.


Will you add additional information or photos from my ancestors to the web site, if I send them to you?

Yes, I frequently add submitted  photos and other information to the site, but at my sole discretion. 

Does your web site run on a Mac as well as on a PC?
TNG is web-based software, so it doesn't matter what kind of computer you have at home. You'll run it in a web browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE). Nothing gets installed on your home computer so your operating system isn't an issue.

Has your web site been translated into any other languages? Can it be translated into my language?
As of 2015 the answer is no, the web site is only in English.  I may eventually do a German version, however.  But in the interim, one can use Google Translate for a fairly good result.  The underlying TNG code has been translated into Afrikaans, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish, and partial translations are available in Croatian, Greek, Icelandic, Romanian, Russian and Serbian.

How does data get into TNG? Do I need a GEDCOM file?
If you already have your genealogy in a desktop program (like RootsMagic, Legacy, FamilyTreeMaker, Reunion, PAF, etc.), then the quickest and easiest way to get your data into TNG is to have your program output a GEDCOM file (standard method of genealogical data exchange) and then import it into TNG. The whole process takes only a few minutes (or less, depending on how big your file is). Of course you don't really need a GEDCOM file. If you want to enter your data by hand directly into TNG, you can do that through the administrative interface.

Can TNG be used with any other databases?
No, it can only be used with MySQL.