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Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 STRAHORN, Barbara  6 Mar 1935Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I2172
2 STRAHORN, Cassandrah  Aug 1868Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1204
3 STRAHORN, Charles Wilson  14 Aug 1884Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1224
4 STRAHORN, Edna Grace  Abt 1877Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1109
5 STRAHORN, Elizabeth H.  May 1887Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1124
6 STRAHORN, Elsie M.  Abt 1876Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1128
7 STRAHORN, Frank  Abt 1859Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1136
8 STRAHORN, Frederick W.  Jul 1865Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1200
9 STRAHORN, George  12 Jul 1880Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1220
10 STRAHORN, Harley J.  20 Apr 1872Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1207
11 STRAHORN, Harold West  14 Oct 1886Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1123
12 STRAHORN, Harold William  30 Sep 1911Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1171
13 STRAHORN, Harriet  Abt 1862Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1137
14 STRAHORN, Harry West Jr.  14 Oct 1923Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1183
15 STRAHORN, Isaac Wilbur  30 Nov 1882Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1122
16 STRAHORN, John Sentman Sr.  28 Jun 1876Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1218
17 STRAHORN, Jonathan G.  13 Jan 1881Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1111
18 STRAHORN, Leonard Parker  10 Aug 1918Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1174
19 STRAHORN, Martha  18 Oct 1854Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1134
20 STRAHORN, Martha Rebecca  28 May 1870Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1205
21 STRAHORN, Mary Ann  Abt 1857Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1135
22 STRAHORN, Mary I.  Jan 1879Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1110
23 STRAHORN, Matilda  26 Mar 1865Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1138
24 STRAHORN, Orlando Kennedy  11 Nov 1874Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1217
25 STRAHORN, William Norton  6 Aug 1868Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1139


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENGE, Sarah  24 May 1874Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I950
2 KENNEDY, Gertrude  12 Sep 1899Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1186
3 PENNYPACKER, Annie Mary  10 Sep 1917Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1108
4 STRAHORN, Albert Ramsey  2 Apr 1912Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I322
5 STRAHORN, Cassandrah  Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1204
6 STRAHORN, Harold West  19 Nov 1956Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1123
7 STRAHORN, Harold William  8 May 1957Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1171
8 STRAHORN, Harry West Jr.  21 Jul 2010Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland  I1183
9 STRAHORN, Juanita Mabel  22 Sep 1998Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I2177
10 STRAHORN, Martha Rebecca  26 Jul 1949Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1205
11 STRAHORN, Walter D.  25 Jul 1878Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I1187
12 STRAYHORN, Jonathan  3 Jun 1879Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I85960
13 WILLIAMSON, Martha A.  14 Feb 1870Fair Hill, Cecil, Maryland I78