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Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LORIA, Joseph Jasper  13 Apr 1938Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I3890
2 RICHTER, Alvena Carolyn  5 May 1876Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I1866
3 ST. MYERS, Bertha Eloise  01 Mar 1891Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2915
4 ST. MYERS, Grace  17 Jun 1905Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2820
5 ST. MYERS, Leona Margaret  04 May 1892Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2916
6 ST. MYERS, Lester Paul  2 Dec 1913Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2823
7 ST. MYERS, Mary Geneva  19 Apr 1919Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2912
8 ST. MYERS, Robert James  13 Mar 1916Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2824
9 ST. MYERS, Ruth Ann  14 May 1911Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2822
10 UELTSCHY, Caroline Alvena  18 Apr 1930Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I3879
11 UELTSCHY, Herbert William  3 Jul 1936Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I3885
12 UELTSCHY, Margaret Jean  21 Mar 1941Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I3889
13 UELTSCHY, Mary Ann  16 Aug 1938Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I3887
14 UELTSCHY, Nancy Ruth  10 Feb 1932Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I3881
15 UELTSCHY, Paul Cecil  13 Dec 1934Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I3883
16 VOCKE, Charles Lewis William  27 Jan 1888Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2917


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 RAMSEY, George Edwin  7 Apr 2011Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I3882
2 RICHTER, Alvena Carolyn  4 Jan 1966Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I1866
3 SHORT, Salena Ann  28 Aug 1922Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I1864
4 ST. MYERS, Alonzo Loring  21 Dec 1937Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I1865
5 ST. MYERS, George Weir  25 Jul 1915Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I1861
6 ST. MYERS, Grace  17 Jan 1994Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2820
7 ST. MYERS, John Payton  1 Aug 1889Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I1863
8 ST. MYERS, Lester Paul  10 Mar 1985Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2823
9 ST. MYERS, Mary Geneva  30 Oct 2007Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2912
10 ST. MYERS, Robert James  Mar 1986Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2824
11 ST. MYERS, Ruth Ann  23 Sep 1967Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2822
12 UELTSCHY, Herbert Cecil  2 Jun 1960Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I2913
13 WHETZEL, Lydia Ann  1857Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia I1872


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ST. MYERS / BLAKEMORE  3 Mar 1927Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia F297
2 ST. MYERS / TURNER  Abt 1890Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia F396
3 VOCKE / ST. MYERS  08 Jun 1910Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia F397